ESOL and career/technical education are part of the unique programs offered by The English Center (TEC) Some of these courses are also taught in Spanish.

Yanet Cortés, a 32-year-old Cuban woman, who arrived in the United States for family reunification purposes and to provide a better quality of life for her loved ones, takes English classes (ESOL) at The English Center (TEC), which is part of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. “Since the moment I set foot in this country, I knew that my priority was to study the language because it would make it easier for me to get better jobs. When the program ends, I want to validate my degree in industrial engineering,” says Yanet.

TEC was established in 1962 as a special center for English instruction to address the needs of many immigrants arriving on the shores of South Florida. “Taking ESOL classes is a great opportunity for immigrants who have just arrived, or for those who have been here for several years but lack the language skills to get a good job. For $40 the student can enroll in an English course for one semester,” acknowledges the school’s principal, Yamila Carballo.

The English Center (TEC) offers a top-of-the-line adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program with classes designed to fit various levels of proficiency in order to prepare students for transition into the labor market or higher academic or vocational training. Additionally, “It is possible to enroll in the ESOL program regardless of the student’s immigration status, just by providing a photo ID such as a passport that lists his/her legal name and date of birth,” states Carballo.

However, and according to its motto “There is more than English at The English Center,” TEC offers career/technical education such as the cosmetology course, the facials and nails specialty courses, and the early childhood education program. “In order to take these programs, the person does not necessarily have to speak English because the courses are also offered in Spanish, and even the state certification exams, once the program is finished, can be taken in Spanish. The student needs only to provide a high school diploma to enroll which may be issued in his/her country of origin,” emphasizes Carballo.

Dayanara Cohen, a Venezuelan student who attends the early childhood education program, says she chose this course because she has always liked to teach, especially to children. “TEC was the only government institution that gave me financial support to cover the tuition cost.
Moreover, it is beneficial for those of us who do not have a good command of the English language. The course is in Spanish as well as the exams, which allows us to pursue a career and become professionals,” says Dayanara. For more information on the ESOL program and the career/technical education, go to

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