At the Special Presentation on June 20th, Councilwoman Jenifer N. Bailey celebrated the City’s very first ArtWalk Homestead: Festival of the Arts, which she and the Southwest Advisory Committee (SWAC) had hosted on June 2nd, in Losner Park. The high point of her presentation was distributing proceeds raised by the event to six Homestead middle schools.

“I am incredibly proud to present this tonight,” said Councilwoman Bailey, with a big smile. “The community came together and were able to raise money for local schools, thanks to the amazing efforts of the Southwest Advisory Committee and the amazing staff here.” Councilwoman Bailey, who serves the Southwest area of Homestead, said she “works alongside SWAC.”  
With the support of sponsors, partners and volunteers, ArtWalk provided families with a fun-filled day of art, including “a pop-up art gallery where children’s and professional’s artwork were curated alongside one another,” explained Councilwoman Bailey.
Along with raising funds for local schools, the festival was designed to utilize art as an economic and cultural generator for Homestead and to provide free resources to support parents of school-age children, including financial assistance for summer programs, a dental bus and information on where to get free immunizations.
Councilwoman Bailey shared that a woman at ArtWalk who had bought a piece of work had emailed her to ask which student had created it. Councilwoman Bailey explained, “She said it was hanging in her living room and she wanted to describe to the student the feeling that she gets when she sees it. She wanted to make sure these kids are inspired to continue with their talent.”
She added, “If we’ve helped a few children realize a dream and find something that they’re great at, then that’s an amazing thing.”
Councilwoman Bailey then invited representatives from West Homestead K-8 Center, Homestead Middle School, Atala Montessori School for Creative Expression, Gateway Environmental K-8 Learning Center, Redland Middle School and Somerset Academy South Homestead to each receive a check for $1,000 and a special plaque. These funds will be used to support their art programs and/or their healthy eating programs.
SWAC members then joined Councilwoman Bailey at the front of the Council Chambers.  Chairman Atravius Smith thanked the Mayor, the City Council and the Parks and Recreation and Police Departments, along with Councilman Roth “for his unwavering support of the Southwest Advisory Council.”
He then commended Councilwoman Bailey and her vision of the event. “Councilwoman Bailey, my hat goes off to you.”
He added, “If you didn’t get out to ArtWalk Homestead, you missed a phenomenal event. We’re looking forward to next year, growing it and making it so much better.”
For a list of Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers, please visit

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