Councilman Larry Roth announced the winners of the Community Relation Board’s (CRB) Fall Essay Contest during the September 26 Special Presentations. Three members of the board joined him to make the presentation.  The CRB’s mission is to improve and maintain relations between the Homestead and Florida City communities.

 Councilman Roth said, “The Community Relations Board put out a challenge to local schools. They reached out to students and charged them with an essay contest.” He said the writing contest posed two important questions for students to answer: “What is community and how can I impact it?”
Councilman Roth, acknowledging the relevance of the topic, said, “Here in Homestead, we’re always looking to improve the lives of other people.”
He then called the winners to the front of the Council Chambers and presented each one with a certificate of achievement and a new laptop “to help them in their studies.” The computers were purchased through CRB funds.  
The Fall Essay Contest winners include:
Briana Par Hill, 5th Grade, Laura C. Saunders Elementary
Nicholas Pena, 5th Grade, Laura C. Saunders Elementary
Caleb Torres, 11th Grade, MAST @Homestead
Aajaylah Springle, 8th Grade,Keys Gate Charter School
Briana Martin, 9th Grade, Robert Morgan Educational Center
Councilman Roth concluded his presentation by acknowledging the winners’ efforts, stating that the accomplishment of this “one small goal will help you achieve a lot of different things in life.”

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