Although considered a Rock band, 3RG’s music does not fit into a music style; Spanish rock, reggae and funk are infused with Latin rhythms.  But as Rylo, lead singer and founder member, says, “If we were to define our style in one word, we couldn’t.” And that is precisely the charm of 3RG Miami, a band with the ability to transition seamlessly between genres offering something for everyone.

3RG’s varied music style is based on the different influences of Rylo and the other four members, ranging from Journey or Guns ‘N’ Roses to Latin rhythms such as Frankie Ruiz’s salsa; moving seamlessly from Dominican Merengue to Luis Miguel’s pop ballads.

The band started five years ago in Miami, and the name 3RG was a joke meaning three Ricans and the Girl. Nowadays, 3RG Miami is not only one of the most active bands in South Florida, but also their music has crossed borders with new followers in Latin America, Europe and even Asia.

Even though they started as a cover band, a year and a half ago they launched their first single “Loca” that was streamed regularly by fans all over the world including Philippines, South Africa, Italy, Norway, Brazil and Mexico, among others. In Rylo’s words, “’Loca’ introduced our music to new fans and gave us international recognition, it’s awesome to have fans outside of Miami who enjoy our music,” he added.

Following their first hit, the band started working on new songs that included different musical styles, such as “Cheese Factory”, with a remarkable Funk and Reggae influence; “Fo, Que Peste”, taking their audience back to the ‘80s hard-rock scene, or “No me Digas”, a romantic pop ballad in which the piano brings a touch of nostalgia.

Indeed, “No Me Digas” had an overwhelming success exceeding the 4 million views on Facebook since its launch last December. It seems that pop ballad is their first option nowadays, as they released last February their new song “Sin Tí No Hay Luz”, “a romantic ballad with tropical influence that could be danced even as a Bachata,” said Rylo. We are sure the song will follow the success of “No Me Digas”.

If you want to learn more about the band and listen to their songs, check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram; Especially, do not forget to share their music on social media, so we can all spread beyond our borders the Latin Rock coming out of South Florida.

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