The City of Homestead’s Public Information Officer (PIO), Zackery Good, was recently selected to serve on the Florida Municipal Communicators Association (FMCA) founding Board of Directors.

The FMCA is a professional network of individuals providing communications leadership and support in Florida’s cities, towns and villages. The only association of its kind, the FMCA offers communications professionals the opportunity to learn, share and develop innovative solutions for the municipalities they serve.
“Six years ago, Homestead's Mayor and Council challenged us to set a new standard for government transparency, information flow and public outreach," said Zackery Good, PIO.  "The City's approach has been to focus on providing important information in creative ways without the usual government speak. I look forward to representing the City and sharing this experience with my colleagues statewide.”
The Association will be administered by the Florida League of Cities, a long-standing association that currently provides contractual support services to seven other local government associations.
To learn more about the FMCA, visit

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