Although considered a Rock band, 3RG’s music does not fit into a music style; Spanish rock, reggae and funk are infused with Latin rhythms.  But as Rylo, lead singer and founder member, says, “If we were to define our style in one word, we couldn’t.” And that is precisely the charm of 3RG Miami, a band with the ability to transition seamlessly between genres offering something for everyone.

On March 17, 2018, members of two student groups from Miami Dade College Homestead Campus – the Journalism Club, and the Phi Theta Kappa honorary society – joined together to promote awareness and to raise funds for cancer.  They participated in the American Cancer Society’s signature event – Relay for Life – which is held in communities throughout the U.S. and in 27 countries.  According to the Relay for Life website, in 2016, more than $80 million dollars is expected to be raised for cancer control from countries where this event is being held.

Serious incidents of school violence are terrible and frightening. Fortunately, they are rare. But it's natural for kids and teens to worry about whether something may happen to them or their friends.
To help them deal with these fears, it's important to talk about these tragedies when they happen, and to know what your kids watch or hear about them. This helps put frightening information into context.

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