Encouragement and a glimpse of hope is disseminated by a courageous senior, Gabriel Gonzalez, from TERRA Environmental Research Institute. Born in Miami, Latino descent Nicaraguan mother, Cuban father Gonzalez finds himself to be intricately involved in his community. Looking forward after graduation, he’s aiming to explore the study of architecture at Columbia University, as he aspires to become an engineer building theme parks.

The City of Homestead continues to remove massive amounts of debris after Hurricane Irma’s winds left thousands of trees down on both public and private property.  The amount of debris the City is removing each day is equal to what the City typically collects each month.  The City has more than 50 debris removal trucks with associated crews working in every area of Homestead.

When disaster strikes, you can be part of the solution...

What did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams have in common? Those famous people from the history of our country not only participated actively in politics, but they also dedicated their time to work as volunteer firefighters.

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