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30 year Marlins season ticket owner: “There’s exciting energy: you can feel it”

30 year Marlins season ticket owner: “There’s exciting energy: you can feel it”

There have been more than 2,400 Marlins home games over the last 30 years, and while I haven’t been to all of them, I am proud to say I was there on Day 1 and have been a season ticket holder ever since. We beat the Dodgers on that opening day, a day I remember as about as exciting as it can be in South Florida (until then the only Major League Baseball we had was Spring Training!).

You never know what you’re going to experience when you go to the ballpark. I’ve had some really great memories over those three decades – the two World Series Championships are obviously the most exciting. But the most rewarding part of being a Marlins fan was raising my kids to be Marlins fans and going to the games with them, at both stadiums. They’ve been watching games their entire lives – something I didn’t have the luxury of when growing up.

We were all together at the World Series games in 2003, and it’s been a wonderful experience to go to the games with them from babies to adolescents, teenagers, and now as adults. Miami is still a relatively young city, and comparatively the Marlins are certainly still young. To be able to watch the organization grow and to be there along for the ride has been very special. Not many people in big cities can say they were there from the beginning!

A lot has changed over the years, not just the stadiums! For one, just this year alone, there’s a pitch clock making the plays and the games shorter, something longtime baseball junkies might have been hesitant to embrace. I love the pitch clock, don’t get me wrong, and you definitely notice how it changes the game. We went to a game this season and it was an hour and 57 minutes. That’s fast!

This year has really been exciting with some new faces adding some pop to the lineup. We are in the running for the playoffs (I go win or lose – but winning sure is more fun!). When you are winning, it makes staying on top of every game more exciting and more fun. You talk about it with co-workers and at the office. I share my season tickets with friends and family, so the Marlins are always a part of our conversation. And even when I can’t be at the game, I’m watching on TV or listening on the radio. There’s an exciting energy right now, you can feel it with every play.

Outside of catching the action on the field, we like to walk around the ballpark and check things out. The 30th Anniversary Museum just off of left field is a must see. It really brought back memories. Of note – I went to all six World Series Games in 2003 – not just the 3 games in Miami, but also 3 games in Yankee Stadium, too. I have 1997 World Series memories too. All of those games. There’s a famous photo of Edgar Renteria from Game 7, and if you look close, I’m in the stands right there! It’s been great to be a part of it all year after year.

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Believe it or not, I’ve actually been to every Major League Baseball stadium. We started traveling to see the Marlins play in other stadiums starting in San Diego in 2003 and, since then, we’ve been to every ballpark! I have to say loanDepot park is right up there – we love our home.

You just never know what you are going to get at a baseball game. One thing for sure though, with the roof over our heads at loanDepot park, we aren’t going to be impacted by rain, and we’ll always be cool out of the heat. Like I said, you never know what you’re going to get. Come meet me out there!

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