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5 Tips to Better your Spring Cleaning Routine

5 Tips to Better your Spring Cleaning Routine

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As parents, keeping up with daily housekeeping tasks can be a struggle, but rather than spending an entire day cleaning, you can commit to small tasks each day to help free up some of your time. Good habits will help to maintain your home clean, organized and more productive. Below you will find five quick tips to keep your house clean and tidy – the more you do them, the easier they will get!

1.       Develop a weekly checklist that you can mark off as you maneuver through the house to make sure you are managing your schedule and the days do not get ahead of you so you can spend time doing the things you love.

2.       Spend less time planning and buying various cleaning products to use around the house, instead rely on a multipurpose product such as the new Fabuloso Complete, which cuts through grease, removes stains and lime scales in just about every room around the house.

3.       Daily routines to help keep your home clean include washing the dishes, wiping down surfaces, washing a load of laundry, putting things away after each use, and taking out the garbage.

4.       Find laundry items that you love and enjoy using. You can save time ironing clothes by adding Suavitel Complete to your laundry routine, which will leave your clothes with fewer wrinkles, advanced softening and an irresistible fragrance.

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5.       Teach kids good cleaning habits and that clean-up can be fun! Try to keep things interesting by talking, telling stories, singing or playing music. Working together is a great way for the whole family to develop a cleaning habit.

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