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8 Tips to Make Your Halloween a Spooktacular One!

8 Tips to Make Your Halloween a Spooktacular One!

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From yummy treats to costumes, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for kids and families. It provides an opportunity for families to bond and enjoy trick or treating together. To help make it a spooktacular Halloween this year, follow these simple tips:

1. Bright is the new black; plan on using costumes that are bright and reflective to easily identify your child when trick or treating. Avoid oversize clothing that will make it hard to walk. Comfort comes first!

2. Use non-toxic paint and avoid masks or big head pieces that may obstruct your child’s vision.

3. Give your child a flashlight with fresh batteries in case she or he needs to use it when it gets dark. You can also use hands-free Go Run Lights used by runners, which work even better because your child will not have to hold them.

4. Before heading out the door, talk to your child about safety. Remind him or her to stay near you always and look both ways before crossing streets.

5. Kids 12 and under should be accompanied by an adult. If child is over 12, make sure he/she has a way to reach you via cell phone and will be trick or treating with a group of friends.

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6. Establish a planned route and set a curfew for children over 12.

7. Have your child wait until you’ve approved the treats they have received. Discard anything that is not fully wrapped. Children under four should not have popcorn or hard candy due to choking hazards.

8. Take great pictures to cherish the memories down the road.

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