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Adriana Segura, Future Mexican Acting  

Adriana Segura, Future Mexican Acting  

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Adriana Segura is one of the young actresses with the most promising forecast in Mexican performing arts. Step by step, she is building herself a name in the theater, film and television industry.

When Adriana was 12 years old in secondary school in Mexico City, she became interested in theater. “When I was a kid, my parents sent me to a summer course where I fell in love with musical theater; then I started acting in theater companies in plays like The Most Famous Princesses of All the Stories,” she said. From that moment, she knew that she wanted to act and that it would be her profession.

Today, she is 25 years old, and acting has become part of her daily life, not only because she is passionate about it but also because she has trained professionally. After finishing high school, Adriana moved to Los Angeles and got a degree in acting at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, AMDA, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world of performing arts, which has trained some of the greatest theater, cinema and television performers.

Upon graduating from AMDA, she took part in many projects in Los Angeles, including several short films for academic purposes and acted in plays in Pasadena and Azusa, among others. Back in Mexico City, she decided to go back to university and get a degree in social communication; however, she didn’t lose focus on her acting career. “I decided to study communication because I want to create my own content, write my scripts and be able to direct my own productions.”

In Mexico, she was part of TV shows such as Fuera de Cuadro, featured on a YouTube channel called Orbe Network, as well as in different short films. Especially, her participation in the acclaimed 48-Hour Film Project, a world-class project where teams make a short film—write, shoot and edit—in just 48 hours. Filmmakers from each winning city are invited to screen their films at Filmapalooza, entering the competition for the international best film title.

Theater is her passion and where she feels most comfortable and happy. Therefore, she has been involved in numerous plays in traditional theater and especially in short theater. “Short theater is a good alternative to traditional theater since it takes place in a theater house where each room has a different play that lasts 15 minutes and repeats every half hour. Thus, people can enjoy different works in a short period and at the same place.”

Her short-term projects include being again on this year’s 48-Hour Film Project and to act for another season in the play Cupo Limitado by Tomás Urtusastegui, a story of eight people trapped in the elevator of an old building where everyone lives, which was a total success. “Even the author came to see us and loved the way we had adapted it,” she said excitedly.

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In the long run, she would love to make films but without ever leaving theater because theater is her life. She wants to reach a point where she can live from acting or from creating audiovisual content. “I would like to perform in a production in Spain or go back to Los Angeles and get to Hollywood”; however, she would like to get there not in search of fame like many actors do but thanks to her work’s recognition.

“I want to be a diverse actress and not stay locked in on a stereotype or a certain role,” she says.
For the moment, she continues her life in Mexico, sharing her time between her social communication classes and her trips to Pueblitos Mágicos in her native Mexico, the gym and her days hiking nature trails. Meanwhile, she continues to work hard with her theater plays and television productions and, step by step, build herself a name in the performing arts.

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