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Airboat in Everglades Memorable, Private Experiences for Visitors

Airboat in Everglades Memorable, Private Experiences for Visitors

  • Airboat in Everglades began eight years ago as a company dedicated to offering visitors a private and exclusive adventure in the Everglades.
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Javier Morejon’s story is one of success and improvement. After leaving prison, he found it difficult to find a job. However, he was lucky enough to get hired at a company that provided airboat tours in the Everglades.

He quickly learned the business, and as a result of his excellent performance, after a year of working there, he asked for a salary increase from his bosses. They refused to give him a raise because of his ex-convict status. His boss believed that as an ex-convict, he would never have a chance to make more money elsewhere.

However, he decided to leave, and because he had a clear vision of the business and its operation, he started a similar airboat touring company, but with a difference: to offer an exclusive and private service.

“My boss told me, you won’t make it to a year, and now we’re about to be nine,” says Javier proudly. Ironically, the one who left the business two years later was his former boss.

Unlike his former boss, Javier has been in charge of the business, which is what he considers the key to success. “Our company is a small family business. My wife Christie, my daughter and my brother-in-law work with me; in total, we are ten employees. This approach translates into a better-quality service that we provide to our customers.”

Airboat in Everglades offers the best luxury boat experience in the Everglades. Visitors can explore in a small airboat the natural landscape and beauty of the Everglades—its shallow water bodies, great habitat, and awesome scenery—creating the best memories for visitors.

Airboat in Everglades offers group packages, private tours, and semi-private tours. “We provide tours that become memorable to visitors. We show them our natural diversity and the exotic animals the landscape has to offer, like crocodiles and alligators. Prices range from $60 for adults or $30 for minors, up to $475 for group packages, with trips around one-hour to an-hour-and-a-half long.”

Their service makes a difference because they give exclusive, customer-based attention; hence, their boats are smaller, seating around 6 to 8 and up to 12 people. “That’s why many of our clients use our airboat tour for special celebrations such as bachelor parties or weddings,” says Javier.

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Additionally, Javier has not forgotten the lesson prison left in his life and has focused on helping his community. As a result, they support—through sponsorship, donations, and events—Le Jardin Community Center, an early learning organization serving children from birth to five years of age, and the Women’s Fund Miami-Dade, an organization that supports women who have suffered domestic violence.

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