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AJC Family Centers: More Than Just Martial Arts

AJC Family Centers: More Than Just Martial Arts

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AJC Family Centers: The local dojo that’s training community superheros

February 12, 2022 marks an incredible 20 years since Professor Livan Concepcion opened the American Ju-Jitsu Center. A veritable institution of the Homestead community, AJC has grown from strength to strength in the hands of the Concepcion family.

18-year-old Lex Lopez started out as an AJC student at the age of 4 and has now joined the staff as an instructor. “I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t go to AJC,” he said, adding that martial arts has taught him to be disciplined, avoid distractions, and do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals.

Asked how he thought the academy benefited the community, he stated that “AJC has helped so many kids that have gone through tough times,” and also “improved the way we all deal and cope with adversity.”
The academy brings people together and allows children to grow into themselves. Tristen Lopez, age 14, confesses that although he initially was weary of joining AJC because of the strict instruction and tough workouts, he’s made some of his closest friends at the dojo. “When you are at the dojo, it’s just like you are at home,” he said. “There’s not much pressure, and you can just be yourself.”

In addition to ju-jitsu and karate, AJC also offers vital self-defense classes. “AJC means that I will learn the skills I need to protect my family,” said 6-year-old Avery Lopez, proving that it’s never too early to start looking out for yourself and the people around you.

But it’s not only martial arts, either. Abigail Lopez started her AJC journey at age 5, beginning with karate but quickly moving to cheer. Now 15 years old, she works as a cheer coach at the academy. “I love being a coach because I can teach the kids how to stay positive through the tough times.”

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The Homestead community echoes these positive thoughts, grateful for the two decades of positive influence that AJC has had and will continue to have for many years into the future.
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