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Back to School, 8 Tips and Tricks for a Successful 2018 School Year

Back to School, 8 Tips and Tricks for a Successful 2018 School Year

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Summer is almost over and it’s that exciting time of the year again: back to school. An opportunity to start from scratch and have a wonderful school year. Make sure to start fresh with a clean slate by following these tips and tricks and make 2018-2019 school year a memorable one.

Pixie Back-to-School Tips:

#1 Keep vs. Toss: It’s time to declutter! Organize your children’s closet. It’s the perfect time to toss anything they don’t use anymore and start wearing those things you had forgotten you even had. Do the same with school supplies, notebooks and bags. Then you will be ready to make that back-to-school shopping list. Anything they don’t need make sure to give away; a great place to donate in Miami can be Chapman Partnership and Miami Bridge. These organizations prepare school supplies for homeless children and youth at risk.

#2 Give Back: Check out opportunities to have your child give back in some way this year at their school, local community center, or an online organization. There are so many ways to give back, whether it’s donating to a food drive, or volunteering your time at an after-school program.

#3 Teacher Gift: Start off the year with a little gift for your teacher. This will make her feel special right from the get-go. It can be something as simple as a box of sharpies or a note written by your child. Teachers love things they can use in class.

#4 Post Schedule: Discuss this school year’s schedule with your child and place it in a visible area in the house. Include homework time, extracurricular activities and free time (including screen time). Discuss with your child what activities they would like to be included in the schedule this year.

#5 Homework Planner: Decide how to handle homework time. Pick a time in the day when it will occur (right after school or before dinner time) and try to stay consistent. Set up a homework station where your children can find all the needed supplies to complete their homework.

#6 Dream Big!:  Work with your kid on setting goals for this new school year. Write them down in a visible place where you can track and record the progress of achieving such goals.  When you expect your children to be committed, stay on top of their school assignments, and balance schoolwork with extracurricular activities; they will rise to the occasion.

#7 Rest Up & Wind Down!: Watch a funny movie on Sunday afternoon before that Monday to wind down. Before bedtime, read an inspiring story about back to school with your child. A great book is First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg.  Get a good night’s sleep and have everything prepared the day before.

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#8 Communication: Talk to your child. Point out the positive aspects of starting school. Talk about their feelings of excitement, first day jitters, anxiety, or frustrations. It is important to encourage your child to be honest and address any negative feelings they may have about starting a new school year.

Make your kids’ days at school count! Take a great photo before heading out to school on the first day and always remind them to be themselves. Encourage them to work hard and be kind, for amazing things are waiting to happen to them this school year.

To learn more about back-to-school tips and other educational resources, check out Instagram account where you will be inspired to learn and share the love for education!

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