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Barbara M. Pena, M.D., is recognized as South Florida’s Mother’s Day Hero

Barbara M. Pena, M.D., is recognized as South Florida’s Mother’s Day Hero

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This month, the South Florida community will not only see celebrations for mothers but also the recognition of a local Mother’s Day Hero—Barbara M. Pena, M.D.

Pena is a doting mother of four and has been a loyal and trusted pediatric emergency room (ER) doctor at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for the past 20 years. Pena said, “I am deeply honored and moved by this recognition as a Mother’s Day hero. I am so incredibly grateful and humbled because all anyone wants as a mother is to see her children happy and thriving in life. No recognition is necessary. We all do the best we can. Being a mother is incredibly difficult, and I salute all mothers everywhere for everything they do!”

Pena has been recognised for her empathy and ability to handle daily stress. “Having four children of my own, I know how stressful life can be. Imagine adding a sick child and an ER visit to that! I always try to put myself in the parents’ shoes because I know they are nervous and anxious. I definitely use humor a lot to make my patients and their parents feel at ease during our interactions in the ER.”
Her commitment to her patients during the pandemic is also praiseworthy. “Children’s lives have been turned upside down during the pandemic, and many that do get sick from Covid-19 tend to experience milder symptoms. However, it is the mental health of these kids that worries me.

Mothers need to understand why their children are feeling this way and try and help them get through these trying times.”

Taking pride in this recognition, she said, “I am surrounded by an incredible group of doctors, nurses, midlevels and support staff; and I truly enjoy working hand in hand with them to take care of the sick children of South Florida. I love working with the locals because I understand the Miami culture.”

Pena hopes that all mothers will be shown love and gratitude on Mother’s Day. “On Mother’s Day, I usually get woken up with an amazing breakfast made by my incredible husband. He works hard to make my day special! Then we go to mass as a family to give thanks to God for everything He has given us. We’ll usually go to the beach for a little while and then gather together with my parents, in-laws and extended family at our house for a barbeque. It’s always a super fun day, although sometimes I have to go to work that night for a shift. I then get to spend the end of Mother’s Day with my work family!”

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Pena is a prime example of what it means to be a loving, hard-working, caring mom. She shares her love for other mothers in the community with a motivational statement: “Don’t try to be the perfect mother because you will never achieve perfection. Just remember that in the eyes of your children, no one does it better than you.”

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