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Bringing the Latino Flavor to Baseball

Bringing the Latino Flavor to Baseball

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The baseball bats, gloves and balls are a sign that the baseball season has arrived to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Nowadays, the experience of the children and student league games are far different from what happened in the parks years ago. And to the extent that the Latin families have incorporated their children into that sport, we could say without mistake that the games are characterized by a Latin flavor.
We are specifically referring to the fact that parents and children are cheering with passion, making lots of noise; and in each game, the fans share snacks, water and chairs. Sometimes they share their disappointment when a bad strike is called.

That is the case of Reina Cruz, who along with her three daughters, puts the Latin flavor in each game in which her son Alfredo plays. “Dale, give it the mangu power, you can!” this Dominican mother shouts when she sees that it is Alfredo’s turn to play. He is an 11-year old who has been playing baseball since he was five. And her daughters are nearby when their brother has sent the ball to center field without any of the opposing team players stopping the ball. At that moment, other Latino families join the group to cheer, thus lifting the mood of the game.

Meanwhile, for Claudia Mena, a Venezuelan mother, baseball is more than a sport; it is a tradition that has run in the veins of her family for more than six generations. “I like to see how families get together and are passionate, for we see baseball as a pastime that we can enjoy and share. Whether our team wins or loses, there is always a reason to celebrate.”

Here are some tips that will help you live and enjoy each game with intensity and passion, regardless of the baseball family model that you demonstrate:
1. Put all scheduled weekend games on your calendar; it will help you not to commit to other engagements or to coordinate when you have an event that falls during the baseball season. Getting organized in advance will help you enjoy the season better.
2. Get ready the day before the game. Make sure you put the chairs in the car and have uniforms, snacks, water, cooler and sun block ready.
3. Take advantage and exercise during baseball practices because during the games, you will be anxious not to miss any play that involves your star child.
4. Stay hydrated. The months during the season are when the temperature in Miami soars and the heat becomes unbearable. For that reason, it is important to provide your family with plenty of fluids by having a small cooler with bottled water inside.
5. Enjoy the moment. The time you spend in the games will help create unforgettable memories of your son, so get your camera ready, become his best fan and prepare to celebrate with him his victories or to comfort him when he loses.

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