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City of Homestead Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Plan

City of Homestead Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Plan

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The City of Homestead continues to remove massive amounts of debris after Hurricane Irma’s winds left thousands of trees down on both public and private property.  The amount of debris the City is removing each day is equal to what the City typically collects each month.  The City has more than 50 debris removal trucks with associated crews working in every area of Homestead.

The first phase of the cleanup effort was to clear debris off main roadways to make them passable by moving the debris to the side of the road for later pickup.  All main and secondary roadways were made passable by Thursday, September 14, 2017.  The second phase of the cleanup consists of removing all debris from the City’s 130 miles of roadway.  Substantial progress has already been made and the City is hoping the first round of collection will be complete within the next 2-3 weeks.  Once the first round is complete, additional collections will continue through neighborhoods until all storm-generated debris has been removed.

Residents placing debris out for pickup must separate Landscape Debris such as leaves, branches, and trees from Other Debris.  Trees and branches should be cut into sections less than four feet long.  Any debris that is not Landscape Debris such as fences, furniture, tires, garbage, or other typical bulky waste must be in a separate pile.  Piles must be placed clear of any obstacles such as fire hydrants, vehicles, mailboxes, trees, or garbage enclosures.

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