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Councilman Larry Roth Honors First United Methodist Church and the Homestead Food Pantry

Councilman Larry Roth Honors First United Methodist Church and the Homestead Food Pantry

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There are many wonderful organizations in Homestead that help people in need, and at the November 28th City of Homestead Special Presentations, Councilman Larry Roth took time to honor one of them—the Homestead Food Pantry, which is operated by the First United Methodist Church.

“I always feel it’s important to recognize people for the good deeds they do. There’s a lot of people out here who are good-deed doers and during this season when companies and organizations are out donating goods, food and turkeys for families in need, this organization does it year ’round.”
Councilman Roth then called upon Brock Shiffer, pastor of Speedway Community Ministries, to share the story of how the Homestead Food Pantry got started.
Shiffer said that 12 years ago, Speedway Community Ministries started giving away clothing two Saturdays a month to people in the community. People lined up for clothing, starting as early as six in the morning. Shiffer recalled, “One Saturday morning about 10 years ago, a young man walked down the street from the Methodist church and asked [me], ‘How do you do what you do?,’ adding, ‘We’re thinking about putting in a food pantry.’”
The Homestead Food Pantry, located at 622 N. Krome Ave., has been faithfully providing non-perishable foods and fresh vegetables to people in need since 2007, no questions asked.
Shiffer continued, “These incredible people feed 500 families, every single Saturday. It is extraordinary. They are what I like to call one of the hidden angels in Homestead. God is proud of you; we are proud of you. I can’t thank you enough.”

Councilman Roth called up First United Methodist’s Pastor Benjamin Stilwell-Hernandez and food pantry volunteers to receive a special certificate of recognition from the City of Homestead.
One member, Emory Robertson, said, “When we started this, we really didn’t know what we were doing and it’s incredible what it’s become. We maybe started with six or eight volunteers and now we have 30-40 on a Saturday, serving [all of these] families.”  

Councilman Roth said, “Taking care of 500 families is a tremendous undertaking. I know I appreciate [your efforts] and I’m sure those people appreciate this even more than I do. Thank you so much for your service to our community and continuing to make Homestead the best community it can be.”
For information, please call First United Methodist Church at 305-248-4770.

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