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Cultural Diversity in Fiesta Latina at Magnet Air Base Elementary School

Cultural Diversity in Fiesta Latina at Magnet Air Base Elementary School

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The Fiesta Latina 2014 was held by the students at Magnet Air Base Elementary School in the city of Homestead. It was a true outpouring of joy and cultural exchange, last November 21. It was attended by more than 1,000 people, including students, teachers, families and guests celebrating the Hispanic Culture.

Fiesta Latina 2014 has been a collaboration between the education community and parents for over a decade, as a cultural artistic expression, which includes a parade with national and typical costumes and flags from the   Latin American countries, dances and traditional dishes from different countries.

Nowadays in Southern Florida, the Hispanic community represents 65% of the population, which is reflected in this school where over half the students are Hispanic.   

Fiesta Latina is an event that is organized throughout the entire year so students learn positive aspects of each culture and can share peacefully and in harmony. “In this school you don’t see the bullying that is seen in other places because the parents are very involved in their children’s education, but the most important thing is that children are taught to be tolerant with everybody, from an early age,” stated Raul Calzadilla, Principal of the school.

Also, Alicia M. Corrales, Magnet Lead Teacher, stated that the activity is a way to educate and unite the parents and children from different countries. It is not only a party, it also shares and teaches about different cultures. She also expressed her desire that Fiesta Latina continue to grow every year, because even though we are in United States, Fiesta Latina makes us feel proud about our roots, she concluded.  

Sonia Mullin, teacher at Air Base elementary School for 18 years and one of the organizers of the event, assures us the goal is to promote and show pride of being Hispanic. At the same time she sends a very special message to the parents, which is “not to give up if your child has any difficulty speaking Spanish, stay at it, motivate them and do not neglect this legacy you can give to your children, it is something  that will be an advantage if they can speak two languages”.  “I tell my students they are very talented because they speak Spanish, because it is a gift to be able to speak another language”, said teacher Mullin.

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