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Does your kid have difficulty learning? could be ADHD

Does your kid have difficulty learning? could be ADHD

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ADHD is one of the more commonly diagnosed behavior disorders and affects 3 – 5% of kids in school. This disorder is diagnosed more in boys than girls. ADHD may be hereditary, but its cause is not clear. Whatever cause it may have, it starts very early in life once the brain starts developing. Students with ADHD have problems such as poor academic performance, partly because of negative perceptions of ADHD.

Depression, lack of sleep, difficulty learning, bipolar disorder, and behavioral problems may look like ADHD. When you suspect a kid may have ADHD, a doctor should carefully examine the child to dismiss other possible disorders or find reasons for the behavior.

Dr. Migvis Monduy, pediatric neurologist at the Miami Children’s Hospital Dan Marino Outpatient Center, explains that some of the symptoms for ADHD can be difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, instability and trouble controlling their behavior. These symptoms have to be present in school as well as at home and be severe enough to cause trouble with learning and interference with classmates and family members.

ADHD can be effectively treated with therapy and medication, but a combination of both is the most effective, said Monduy. Parents that suspect their kids may have ADHD can start sharing their concerns with the teacher and a pediatrician. Teachers and parents may evaluate the child’s behavior through a questionnaire and its symptoms. Pediatricians can also treat the conditions but may also refer you to a specialist in psychiatry or neurology. Psychologists can provide therapy; also, school psychologists can do testing to make sure that there is a learning disability related to ADHD. They can also develop an individualized education plan for the child, said Monduy.

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Don’t forget to find help through schools or organizations that may assess your kid for ADHD.

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