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Ease Yourself into the New Year With These Energy-Saving Tips

Ease Yourself into the New Year With These Energy-Saving Tips

Ana Espinosa, communications advisor at the Florida Power & Light company, shares some of her favorite energy savings tips to get you through the holidays and into the new year.

Whether you want to save on your energy bill, become eligible for tax credits, or just want to do your part for the environment, there are several ways to conserve energy in your home.
There’s a good chance your energy usage has increased if you’re working from home more often or spending more time around the house during the holidays. To keep costs down, here are some of our best energy-savings tips to help you lower your usage, kick-off the new year right and hit those savings goals. You might even be eligible for tax rebates from the government if you meet certain requirements.

Energy saving tips from Florida Power & Light:
1. Air conditioning is one of the worst culprits for energy usage—With every degree you increase your thermostat by, you can save between 3%-5% on monthly cooling expenses.
2. You can save anywhere from $3-$7 per month just by turning off your fans.
3 Clean your air conditioner filter and replace it as needed to keep your unit cooling efficiently.
4. Keep curtains and other window treatments closed to block out the sun’s heat and retain cool air in your home. Leave interior doors open to help the air circulate.
5. Try to unplug major electronics when they’re not in use. If you have your television and gaming consoles plugged into the same power strip you can easily switch it off to accumulate some extra savings.
Customers of FPL can use the free Energy Manager tool—it breaks down energy usage and costs to help identify where you can save on your bill.
Tax credits, rebates, and other incentives
In addition to the tips above, there are several incentives put in place by the government to encourage homeowners to practice improved energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient home upgrades
• If you make energy-efficient home improvements like insulation, windows, and doors, you can get a tax credit to cover up to 10% of those costs. Additionally, you can also receive a $300 tax credit for purchasing efficient heating and cooling equipment, like a heat pump or central air conditioner.
• Certain efficiency improvements can make your household eligible for a tax credit to cover up to 30% of the costs for energy.
• Low- and moderate-income households will have a chance to get rebates covering up to 100% of the costs of installing electric appliances like heat pumps, water heaters, and clothes dryers.

For additional criteria that might still make you eligible, you can visit The White House website

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Florida Power & Light customers
• Customers may qualify for an instant $150 rebate and $2,000 in tax rebates for AC units installed after 1/1/2023
• Visit to learn more.
• Visit to analyze your home’s energy usage.
• You may also use FPL Mobile App to view your daily, weekly and monthly energy use as well next month’s projected bill amount. Download the App from the Apple App store or Google Play, or text “App” to MyFPL (69375).

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