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Everglades Literacy Program Builds A State Of Conservation Stewards

Everglades Literacy Program Builds A State Of Conservation Stewards

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As local efforts of steamroll ahead, so too does the Everglades Literacy Program gather momentum with 3,700 teachers, 100,000 students, and 754 classrooms already affected. With the long-term sustainability of the current restorations resting on the next generation, more schools and teachers are encouraged to participate in this program. Every new school which incorporates Everglades-education into its culture, and every teacher who is equipped to create cultural change, helps to build a State of next-generation conservation stewards.

Hazel Arroyo, a teacher at Advanced Achievers Academy, said, “This is the first year I implemented the Everglades Literacy curriculum in my classroom. The program is effective.”
Arroyo has witnessed first-hand the life-changing effects the program has had on her students. “The children come to class full of excitement and anticipation, truly eager to learn and with a sense of urgency to share their thoughts during class discussions. They now have a genuine desire to act in favor of Everglades conservation.”

Through support, dedication, and passion, students acquire skills that assist them in addressing environmental challenges, fostering a positive attitude, making informed decisions, and acting in ways that are beneficial to the local environment and community. Student Felipe Campano said, “I would definitely recommend this program to other students. I think this program offers great opportunities for students to get involved with other members of their community. It allows students to get hands-on experience with the Everglades. I think it’s a great learning experience.”

Along with Campano, student Deonna Miller expressed, “The most satisfying part of this program is the education. I walked out with more knowledge than I ever expected to gain. I hope to share all that I’ve learned with those around me.”

Student Isabella Stapp shared the same sentiment. “It was great to learn how to make a difference on a real level. I am grateful for the opportunity to share insight with other environmentally inclined students and representatives of The Everglades Foundation.”

Already a valued resource to many local schools, the program helps teachers and schools address the absence of a comprehensive Everglades-education program at the K-12 level. Along with teacher training, support, and educational resources, the program provides STEM-based professional development, teacher toolkits, classroom presentations, and distance-learning resources.

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“Learning about the Everglades—its uniqueness, diversity, vulnerability, and needs—can lead us to see ourselves as an instrumental part of this ecosystem. It is unique in the world, and it is ours!” concludes Arroyo.
Currently, 24 school districts across Florida are involved in the program, with the goal aimed at having all 67 counties actively participating. For further information visit

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