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Exciting Progress Made on Highly Anticipated Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Trail

Exciting Progress Made on Highly Anticipated Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Trail

Councilwoman Jenifer N. Bailey speaks on the progress of the massive project, which is a coordination of efforts by the City of Homestead, Miami-Dade County, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the National Park Service.

What is the Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Trail?

This isn’t your average cyclist and pedestrian trail. The Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Trail is the first of its kind to connect two major national parks, not to mention the extensive amount of land it covers. Visitors will be able to walk or ride along a 42-mile paved loop full of historical, cultural, and natural features. Phase one of the construction plan is depicted in a useful graphic here. With so many residents already enjoying existing trails and natural sights, this project is only expected to take the area to the next level, attracting valuable investment opportunities and other benefits to the community.

Councilwoman Bailey explains that this project has been an ongoing effort by the hardworking elected officials of Homestead since the City first pledged support for the idea in 1994. She notes that former Councilwoman Waldman and Councilman Shelley played a vital role in the planning efforts to get this project where it is today.
For a more detailed explanation of what you can expect from this Greenway trail, you can watch the City of Homestead video on our Facebook Watch page. You’ll even get to see the various men and women of Homestead who work every day to support the community and the environment around it!

When Will it Open?
In December 2021, the city of Homestead announced construction had begun on the Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Trail. This project is composed of many moving parts, and construction is broken up into phases. Councilwoman Bailey explains
“The trail is progressing rapidly and we’re hoping to announce the grand opening of phase 1 this summer.”
South Florida is full of natural treasures that deserve to be maintained and enjoyed by the community, which is a sentiment shared by Councilwoman Bailey:
“I am most excited to provide our residents and visitors with a safe opportunity to explore the unique sights our area has to offer.”
After being reelected in November 2021 Councilwoman Bailey is in a great position to continue these efforts made by so many before her and alongside her.

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Stay Connected
With phase one expected to be completed this summer, you’ll want to stay updated and get your visit planned as soon as the announcement goes live!
• Visit the City of Homestead Facebook Page for all types of community updates.
• To connect with officials directly or learn more about them, visit the City of Homestead elected officials page, here.
• Connect with Councilwoman Jenifer N Bailey on Instagram for other exciting updates!

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