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Fiesta USA’s Homecoming

Fiesta USA’s Homecoming

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The Celebrated Event Returns to Homestead Just In Time for Hispanic Heritage Month

September is a month that pays tribute to ‘Hispanic Heritage’: a rich and vibrant composition of the numerous flavors, sounds and cultures from the myriad of Latin American/Hispanic Countries across the globe. So to celebrate that history, Homestead Main Street introduced the now acclaimed event ‘Fiesta USA’.

Amidst all the preparation for the anticipated event, I had the privilege to chat with Yvonne Knowles [Executive Director, Homestead Main Street, Inc.] and was able to pick her brain on what attendees can expect from this year’s Fiesta USA.

Go! Latino Magazine: So let’s start off with a brief history lesson behind this event. How long has Fiesta USA been around and who’s idea was it to bring an event such as this to Homestead Main Street?

Yvonne Knowles: This is our third year celebrating the diversity of our community. The first year we called it Mexican Independence Day Festival which falls on September 16, but in following years we wanted to expand the celebration to include all the Americas and their many contributions and pride in being part of the USA. Hence, Fiesta USA. We are a team at Main Street, all ideas and projects are a result of many meetings, lots of planning by an amazing group of volunteers, the Main Street Board of Directors.

From the event’s advertising, I see that there’ll be a Children’s Parade and a Horse Show. Could you give us a sneak peek of what attendees can expect from both acts?

We are inviting children to represent their culture at this parade. Last year we had a young Betsy Ross in full early American dress, as well as children from Mexico, Central and South America.  We hope to have a great turnout this year.  Our horse show is put on by Club Hipico Mexico Americano and these gorgeous Andalusian and Friesian horses are not only magnificent to see, but their training and performance is truly the highlight of the evening.

Downtown Homestead will also be graced with the Live Musical Styling of International DJ Mauricio Parra. How did the collaboration between Mauricio and Fiesta USA come to be?

We were introduced to DJ Mauricio Parra by Bertha Lopez from Go Latinos magazine who is one of our Main Street Board members. He has been so helpful in assisting us with the planning for the stage performances.  

With countless local vendors wanting in on all the action, what’s the process like in selecting the few that would join this year’s Fiesta USA?  

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We are open to gift vendors as well as nonprofits who wish to connect with our community. All are welcome. Our generic vendor form is available online at, or email us at We are closing down our vendor registration on September 9 at noon.

Lastly, why do you and Homestead Main Street believe Fiesta USA is an important event for Homestead?

Economic revitalization is a major focus of the national Main Street program and like all of our Homestead Main Street events, we want the community to come down to our historic district and enjoy the charm and friendly spirit of what small town America represents. We invite new residents of Homestead as well as families who have been here for many generations to come down and enjoy what so few communities have in South Florida, a charming downtown. We are going through an extensive revitalization thanks to the support of our elected officials and city leaders. We invite you to come to our festival and see!

Fiesta USA will hit the streets of Homestead on Saturday, September 15th and will be free for the whole family. The event will take place from 4 pm-9 pm at Losner Park in Downtown Homestead.

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