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Homestead Run Club, Train and Meet New People

Homestead Run Club, Train and Meet New People

The Homestead community is getting more active and fitter. Since its creation four years ago, Homestead Run Club has gone from 10 members  to more than 100 people running every Tuesday night at Baptist Hospital.

We all run for different reasons, whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, meet new people with the same interests or, in some cases, to qualify and win races. Whatever the motivation is for hitting the roads and tracks, being a member of a run club can help the running experience be better.

Weekly run clubs meet all over the country, and one is just around the corner here in Homestead. The Homestead Run Club, sponsored by Baptist Health, meets every Tuesday and everyone from avid runners and pros to first-timers is welcome.

Alex Carrandi and his wife Stacey founded the club in 2014. They started with only 10 members and now more than 100 runners meet every week not only to run and exercise but also to get together as a community, meet running partners and make new friendships.

“Our intention is to spread the running movement in Homestead and connect people who share a passion for running. People of all ages, different professions and skill levels gather together every week to enhance their experience as runners while strengthening our community,” said Alex Carrandi.

Homestead Run Club is part of the Run Club Network, South Florida’s biggest and fastest growing running network that has been around since 2009. The concept started on Miami Beach and then, with the support of Nike, spread to other locations like Kendall, Coral Gables, Weston, Brickell and Homestead.

“Runs start with a warm-up and meet-and-greet followed by three to four miles running or walking, depending on your level. We have a pacer for every level and provide instruction for beginners and first-timers. Each session ends with refreshments and stretching exercises,” added founder Carrandi.

“By joining a club and surrounding yourself with experienced, enthusiastic people, you’re more likely to run long term, vary your training and develop new techniques that will improve your performance,” he explained.

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One of the great things about being part of Run Club is that while friendships are made, runners get advice from like-minded individuals on topics that before running were not even in their interest. Topics such as pace-per-mile, weekly mileage or buying special gear to improve their skills will become trending topics with new runners.

Therefore, if you’re curious, willing to work out, have fun and meet like-minded people, don’t hesitate to join this free Run Club every Tuesday Night (7 pm) at the Baptist Hospital, across from the Speech & Therapy Building.



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