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HPS Energy Achieved 100% Power Restoration by Sunday Deadline

HPS Energy Achieved 100% Power Restoration by Sunday Deadline

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HPS Energy successfully restored 100% of the electric power grid damaged by Hurricane Irma’s catastrophic winds by the Sunday, September 17th deadline.  At peak, nearly 7 million customers were without power statewide, including all 24,000 HPS Energy customers. 

Within hours of the storm’s passing, HPS Energy had already restored thousands with power.  FPL is currently working to complete power restoration for Homestead & South Dade customers.  More than 1,000 crews from across the country have responded to Florida to assist in getting customer back online.

“As a municipal utility we’re not just helping our customers—we’re helping our community,” said Director of HPS Energy Barbara Quiñones.  “We’re proud to have met our goal, but what matters most is that we could be of service to our neighbors.  Our entire staff has been honored by the outpouring of support we received from the community thanking our crews hard at work from the moment Hurricane Irma passed.”

Due to damages sustained to customer owned electrical equipment or tree conditions at certain homes, some customers are unable to be safely reconnected to the restored power grid at this time.  Those customers have been notified by HPS Energy and will need to contact an electrician to make repairs to their electrical equipment or have trees trimmed away from power lines.  Once repairs have been made, these customers can call the City at 1-855-211-2062 to request an inspection and reconnection.

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