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Hurricane Season is here! Prepare your home or business with natural gas

Hurricane Season is here! Prepare your home or business with natural gas

With an already active storm season underway, it’s important that everyone prepare their home or business, and their loved ones, for emergencies.

Strong hurricane winds and rain can cause substantial damage, as can tidal surges that cause flooding to coastal areas. All of this combined can sometimes result in extended power outages, so it’s important to learn about options available to prepare for storm season, including a natural gas-powered generator.

According to the American Gas Association, there are more than 74 million residential, commercial and industrial natural gas customers in the U.S. who use natural gas to warm their water and cook their food.

Today that number continues to increase as natural gas is efficient and an indispensable part of our modern lifestyle, including how we prepare for storm season. With a natural gas-powered generator, you can secure your home or business and ensure on-demand energy during power interruptions.

Fueled continuously by natural gas, these fully automatic generators turn on within seconds of an electrical outage, supply power immediately and switch off once power returns. Natural gas-powered generators can provide emergency power for as long as the electricity is out and come in a variety of sizes that can replace a small portion of your electrical requirements – such as lights and refrigerator – up to all of your appliances, including air conditioning. Most emergency generators do not require any preparation prior to a storm as long as the manufacturer’s maintenance takes place as scheduled.

Florida City Gas is a local natural gas service provider and can help you take the steps needed to add natural gas to your home or business, including a natural gas-powered generator. Call 1-800-993-7546 and choose option 5 for assistance.

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