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Ikal Premium Coffee from Honduras

Ikal Premium Coffee from Honduras

  • Ikal coffee - harvested and produced in the mountains of Honduras arrives in Florida.

Ikal, which in the Mayan language means “spirit,” is a coffee originated in Honduras and harvested from the Celaque Mountain, the highest in the country, where not only high-quality coffee is produced but also where the Lenka indigenous community has its home.


In fact, the Lenka are the leading artisanal coffee growers collecting Ikal’s beans, a product which is currently entering Florida’s market.

Honduras is a premier country for harvesting coffee, and nowadays it is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world, due to several factors that include its tropical climate, the mountainous geography and the height of its coffee plantations. It is an ideal place for harvesting Arabica coffee.

“What makes Ikal coffee special is its fresh flavor because it is dried by exposure to sun rays inside an ecological greenhouse. Our coffee beans are hand-picked and harvested on small farms by farmers who over generations have used an artisan process for production. Once the product is in our factory, we take care of processing, toasting, grinding, packing and dispatching,” says Erick Molina, one of the founding partners.

In the world, there are two large coffee families, the Robusta and the Arabica. Unlike Robusta coffee, which is considered standard, Arabica coffee grows in atmospheric conditions between 500 and 2,400 meters above sea level, has a maximum caffeine concentration of 1.7%, with more savory aromas and gentleness, in addition to being a more digestible drink. Thus, Arabica is considered a premium coffee.

Moreover, it is precisely its freshness that makes Ikal coffee stand out in the premium market. “Its freshness is reflected in its flavor, aroma and the amount of foam it makes,” says Erick Molina.

He adds that “as a result, the consumer gets pure flavor to the palate. For the non-coffee specialist, Ikal feels richer in taste compared to other coffee types.”

Under fair trade guidelines, Ikal has been harvesting from its farms and with other collaborating coffee growers to obtain the best quality beans from the Celaque Mountain plantations. The company, as part of its social responsibility policy, has committed to the Lenka community and other farmers to buy their harvests at reasonable and fair prices.

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Ikal is currently entering the US market with a 12-ounce bag of ground coffee or coffee beans. Both products are available at Amazon, and for the remainder off the year, the company will sell at independent stores throughout Florida.

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