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IMPACT Conference Aims to Empower Women With a Heart of Service

IMPACT Conference Aims to Empower Women With a Heart of Service

Come to the 3rd Annual Queen Bees conference in Miami and join over 200 women who get together to learn while discovering their inner power

On April 4th, the EDGE Charitable Foundation will host its 3rd Annual Queen Bees Conference. “This event will give more than 200 women the necessary tools and resources to empower themselves, and through the power of service, impact others in their communities,” said Mercy Hernandez, co-founder of EDGE.

The Early Development of Global Education (EDGE) is a non-profit with a mission that began in 2007, to empower women and youth while providing humanitarian services to victimized and disadvantaged children.

The EDGE Charitable Foundation to date has impacted more than 30,000 children worldwide, with a significant focus in the South Florida community. “We have helped children in Africa, India, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our goal is to help victimized children either locally or internationally, assisting them through our programs,” added Mercy.

Among the programs they offer is the Queen Bees movement, which aims to empower and unite women through camaraderie, networking, inspiration, education, wellness activities, and constant civic innovation. Queen Bees participate in monthly events that equip and enrich them with life and business skills

One of their events this year will be the 3rd Annual Conference, under the slogan IMPACT. It will take place on Saturday, April 4th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Renaissance Ballroom (located at 5910 S.W. 8th Street, Miami, FL. 33144).

“Our goal is to impact and inspire women with practical tools, which will help them find their purpose, serve their communities and connect to other influential women in South Florida,” mentioned Juana Martinez, Queen Bees’ Executive Director.

“We’re going to have five speakers on topics such as leadership, work/life balance, empowering women, breast health, and preventative medicine,” she added. During the morning breaks, attendees will have the pleasure to enjoy yoga and meditation sessions, samba dancing, and other entertainment acts by Queen Bee Members.

According to Mercy Hernandez, the Queen Bees program has had enormous success and thus is expanding at an international level. “Last year we opened offices in Tennessee and New York, and now we are opening doors internationally so that Queen Bees who wish to influence their communities can do it at a world-class level.”

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Tickets for the event are $97 for general admission and $75 for students 25 and under. Proceeds will be donated back to the EDGE Charitable Foundation. “For every $125 raised, five children will be directly impacted by the support they receive through the foundation,” concluded Mercy Hernandez.

For more information visit IMPACT The EDGE’s QUEEN BEES 3rd Annual Conference

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