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In their children’s school: Parental Involvement Makes a Difference

In their children’s school: Parental Involvement Makes a Difference

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“No matter from which part of the world they come from, parents can always make their contribution to the schools”. Tatiana Cabrera.

In the past it was not customary, but today it is common that more and more parents are involved in their children’s schools. What research shows is that when parents participate, it has a positive impact on the children and the schools.

Interacting regularly with teachers, administrators and other parents, you will know firsthand the daily activities of your child. Also, you can take advantage of the trends and fashions of school life that can help you communicate with your children while they grow and change.

Tatiana Cabrera is one of the thousands of parents volunteering in the schools of Miami Dade County.  She did her volunteer debut when her daughter started pre-kindergarten. She had interest in what was happening in her small child’s classroom. She did the same with her second child, and as of today she has been volunteering for nearly ten years.

“No matter from which part of the world they come, parents can always make their contributions to schools. If you participate, you know what is happening in the school. That enables you to be a better advocate for your child, and you are also telling your children that education has value and that it is important to you,” said Cabrera.

If your schedule allows it, look for ways to help in the school where volunteers are frequently needed to do the following:
– Accompany students on field trips or dances.
– Prepare food for school events.

Collaborate by tutoring students in reading, mathematics, English, Spanish, computer and/or other courses.
– Help as a volunteer in the cafeteria, in the library, in your child’s class, or in the school’s main office.
– Help in projects such as the school newsletter.

When your job or other commitments prevent you from volunteering, search for ways to help at home. For example, you can translate the school’s bulletin from English to another language, make phone calls to parents to let them know about school activities.

Another option may be to join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or a parents’ advisory committee.

Remember: if you have not been involved in your children’s schools, it is never too late to start.       

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Benefits of School Participation

The following are some benefits that student have when their parents are involved in their schools:
• Get better grades and higher scores in the exams.
• Attend school regularly.
• Have better social skills.
• Complete their school tasks on time
• Have a positive attitude toward school.
• Are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education.
• Increase the likelihood of students being successful.


En la escuela de sus hijos: La participación de los padres hace la diferencia

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