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Innovative natural gas facility in Homestead will benefit customers and community

Innovative natural gas facility in Homestead will benefit customers and community

Proposed facility will provide fuel source to hundreds of homes and businesses in South Florida.

Florida City Gas (FCG) is developing an innovative Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility in Homestead. The proposed facility will ensure natural gas supply to homes and businesses such as commercial laundromats, grocery stores, and a hospital in Homestead, while also bringing economic benefits for the local community. This LNG storage facility will also help speed South Florida’s recovery following a storm.

This is a vital project for the local economy that will ensure a reliable supply of natural gas as customer demand is expected to increase in the coming years. ” This storage facility will deliver reliable natural gas to homes and businesses during peak demand and also help the community get back on its feet following a hurricane, just as we did after Irma in 2017,” said Bianca Soriano, Communications Lead for Florida City Gas.

After Hurricane Irma, critical facilities like hospitals, water treatment plants and grocery stores relied on FCG to fuel natural gas-driven back-up generators during power outages. Liquefied natural gas facilities like this one will be essential in helping the community return to normal following a hurricane.

LNG is a liquid form of the same natural gas used for tasks like cooking and water heating. LNG has been used safely for over 70 years, and it is natural gas cooled into a liquid to make it easy to store and transport by truck; LNG takes up approximately 600 times less space than its gaseous state.

Florida City Gas is planning to build this LNG storage facility on an 11.5-acre parcel of land in Homestead, two miles southeast of Florida’s turnpike near FCG’s existing infrastructure. When required, this facility will distribute gas back into the system to serve more than 500 homes and more than 150 business customers, which include hotels, restaurants, commercial laundries, a hospital, grocery stores, and other customers in the city of Homestead.
This project will also fuel the local economy. It will bring roughly $15 million in tax revenue over its 30-year lifespan, including revenue for Miami-Dade County, its schools, the Homestead community and 55 good-paying jobs during the construction peak.

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This additional supply of natural gas enables the business community to attract commercial and industrial projects. “This new project brings the potential to attract businesses, such as large hotels, restaurants and manufacturers, that need a reliable supply of natural gas to operate. Large companies will be able to build their facilities and warehouses in Homestead with confidence that the gas supply will meet the demand,” added Soriano.

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