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It’s Christmas Time in the City

It’s Christmas Time in the City

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The Historic Seminole Theatre Is Gifting A Holiday Classic to Homestead This December

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!” The holiday season is hands down, the pinnacle point of the year for majority of people around the country. From quality time with family/friends and grand feasts, to lending a hand to your fellow man, and relishing in classic holiday media, it’s no wonder December is deemed “The most wonderful time of the year.” Well this December, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate this festive season with The Historic Seminole Theatre, because their in-house Community Theatre Company – Seminole Theatre Players’ (STP) production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ opens to the public tonight at 8pm.

During the show’s Tech Week (where light/sound cues, costumes, sets, and actors’ performances are tossed together, to gauge what works) I had the chance to chat with Janice Arguello (Stage Manager), Alejandro Arreola (Marketing Assistant/Young Scrooge), and Natalie Delvalle (Belle), and get an exclusive sneak peek of the production process/what audiences can expect.

JJ: Why is this production a must-see for people this holiday season?
Janice: Christmas is right around the corner, and sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like it! So this play will definitely make you get into the holiday spirit. With its amazing lights, sound, sets, and actors, this is not like any other adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’.
JJ: What was the experience like promoting STP’s very first holiday production?

Alejandro: I jumped on board midway through the process, so I had to hit the floor running. I found this very exciting, and exactly what I was expecting the process to be like. I loved and enjoyed every second I got to spend working on different marketing events, and was ecstatic at how positive the public’s response was.

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JJ: As an actress, what are you anticipating most when ‘A Christmas Carol’ opens on Friday, December 21st?
Natalie: I look forward to showcasing what the cast and I have worked so hard towards over these past few months. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I’m excited to bring some holiday cheer to the community.

The Historic Seminole Theatre/Seminole Theatre Players have been on an all-time high since 2017, with their hit productions of ‘Hairspray The Musical’, ‘In the Heights’ & ‘Annie The Musical’, and will be ending their 2018 Season in the most festive way possible. You’ll certainly want to add this holiday show to your 2018 plans. So don’t be a Scrooge and come see the show!

A Christmas Carol opens tonight at 8 pm, with the following additional performances: Saturday December 22nd at 2pm and 8pm, Sunday December 23rd at 3pm, Friday December 28th at 8pm, Saturday December 29th at 8pm, and Sunday December 30th at 3pm. You can purchase tickets by calling our Box Office at 786.650.2073, or visiting

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