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Taking Care of Your Finances: The Importance of Having a Good Insurance Agent

Taking Care of Your Finances: The Importance of Having a Good Insurance Agent

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Having a good insurance agent is crucial because the guidance that an agent provides can make the difference. A good insurance agent should listen and know the needs of his/her client, which can change in any case, but in the end, the only goal for an agent is to offer protection to the client’s assets and patrimony.

That’s why it is important that the insurance agent explains to the client what is the best option when it comes to insurance coverage for his/her home, business, car or family.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “…(but) in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Ironically, many people are unaware of the benefits an insurance policy may offer to families if the unexpected happens.

The importance of a life insurance policy and any other types of insurance coverage is something very clear to Jim Diaz, a State Farm insurance agent, who has been educating the community on this subject for over a decade at his office in Miami.

“Here, we are not only informing our clients, but most importantly, and what sets us apart from other insurance agents, is that we educate them about the way any insurance policy works,” said Diaz to Go! Latinos Magazine.

According to Diaz, working in the insurance industry is a calling, a calling that he decided to follow over two decades ago. But for him, it’s more important that the Latino community learns about the importance of having a life insurance policy. “A life insurance policy secures the future of a family.  I have had a lot of clients, especially young clients, that think that nothing could ever happened to them; they don’t buy a life insurance policy and then a tragedy occurs; and often times their partner and their children are left without any protection in a very difficult moment.”

Diaz said that many people arrive in this country in pursuit of the American Dream, but they don’t know how to protect that dream, nor how to protect their belongings.  For him, it’s his mission to teach his clients how to do this through insurance.

Diaz, who is the son of Cuban immigrants, recently opened his second State Farm insurance agency to offer his services to people and families in the area.

The new office is located at 2431 SW 147th avenue, Miami, FL 33185.  The office is going to offer training to any student in high school that wants to pursue a career in the insurance industry.  “We are going to generate job opportunities for people to start a career in the insurance industry, and we’re also going to educate people about insurance.” Besides his work as an insurance agent, Jim Diaz is a Latino very involved in his community, who also participates in different initiatives that support various causes that range from supporting churches to helping organizations that assist people with disabilities.

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Many insurance agencies promise to offer the best coverage for their clients, but they do not offer a personal approach to their clients’ needs because they don’t know their clients that well. At Jim Diaz’s State Farm office, the focus is on their clients’ needs, and those go from auto, home, commercial to life insurance because for Diaz, his clients are like family.

That’s why knowing how to offer the best protection for his clients is Jim Diaz’s biggest satisfaction. “When I go to bed, before falling asleep, I think that the job I did during the day was important,” said Diaz.

To get more information about life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance or any other type of insurance, call (305) 385-6696 or visit the Web Site

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