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Julio Guzman: A Passionate Homestead Native’s Quest for Mayor

Julio Guzman: A Passionate Homestead Native’s Quest for Mayor

Discover Julio Guzman’s deep-rooted passion for Homestead and his vision for a thriving future. Join him on his journey to make Homestead a better place for all.

Homestead, a city nestled in the heart of South Florida, is at a crossroads. It’s a place with a unique charm, where history and the promise of progress coexist.

Julio Guzman, a dedicated husband and father of three, has a deep-rooted connection to Homestead that spans over four decades. Julio attended Carson Newman University in Tennessee on a dual sports scholarship, playing both football and baseball. After his college career, he was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks and spent several years playing in the minor leagues. This was his only time away from the city. However, he eventually returned and pursued a master’s degree at Florida International University.

By day, he is a real estate broker, but it’s his passion for his community that defines his life’s work. For nearly two decades, Guzman has served the community through civic organizations like the Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, and the South Dade Chamber of Commerce. He has also spent time as a city councilman and, most recently, vice mayor.

Now he’s looking to put that experience to even better use as he runs for mayor of Homestead.

A Vision for Homestead’s Future
Over the years, Homestead has witnessed exponential growth, sometimes without considering the strain it puts on infrastructure.
“When a developer wants to come in,” Guzman explains, “that’s the perfect time to say we need to widen these roads, upgrade our sewer system, our water system, and make sure our electrical grid can sustain power outages.”

He envisions revitalizing downtown Homestead, making it a vibrant hub for the community with walkable streets, and a place where people can enjoy cafes, shops, and outdoor dining.
But Guzman’s vision goes beyond development. He understands the challenges of commuting and traffic congestion faced by residents. “If 90% of the people in Homestead are commuting outside of the city to work, we need to address how we can attract large employers to come to Homestead.”

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He believes in upgrading Homestead’s parks to create a sense of pride in the community and envisions regional sports tournaments that will attract new people and showcase Homestead’s charm.

The Voice of the People
In the last election, only a small fraction of registered voters took part, highlighting the need for increased engagement. Guzman’s message is simple: voting isn’t just a right; it’s a catalyst for change and progress in Homestead, and he’s committed to ensuring every resident’s voice is heard at the polls.

“We’ve got to let our residents know that if you want change, if you want to see Homestead progress, come out and let your voice be heard by voting,” Guzman urges.
To learn more about Julio Guzman’s vision for our community, visit his website Together, we can make Homestead a better place for all its residents.

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