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Learn About Chronic Injuries

Learn About Chronic Injuries

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The rhythm of life sometimes causes us to have discomfort in our bodies or joints and/or muscles. Normally, we do not pay special attention to those ailments, which eventually reduce our ability to move and diminish the quality of life, leading to a loss of good health and well-being.
Those types of lesions that extend over time, that reoccur and tend to be painful even when we are resting, are known as chronic injuries. They are frequent in the world of sports, but are not limited to athletes. The recurring injuries often occur in the workplace where people perform repetitive tasks using the same muscles repeatedly.

As we explained, those recurring lesions sometimes go through acute stages. The acute phase of this type of disease is one that occurs during exercise and is usually treated in the first 48 hours using ice or cold compresses. Chronic injuries are those that occur hours after having performed the activity, usually after 48 to 72 hours, and will be treated mainly by applying heat to the affected area.

Those injuries are caused by a lack of muscle tone, by an alteration in the joint movement, by an overuse mainly of loose ligaments, and areas where there is scar tissue from previous lesions and muscular imbalance.

Treatment options for chronic injuries may include:
• Physiotherapy exercises to promote healing, strength and flexibility.
• Manual techniques, such as mobilization and massage.
• Electrotherapy.
• Medications to relieve pain.
• Slow introduction of activities to normal levels.

It is important to get the right treatment as soon as possible after the injury to help a speedy recovery. Consult your doctor or physiotherapist immediately if the body function affected deteriorates or if the pain and swelling do not go away after a couple of days.

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