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Local Governments Are Celebrating Municipal Clerks’ Week

Local Governments Are Celebrating Municipal Clerks’ Week

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The United States of America, Canada, and 15 other nations on May 7 through May 13 will be celebrating Municipal Clerk’s Week. In 1984 and in 1994, Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, respectively, signed a Proclamation officially declaring Municipal Clerks Week the first full week of May and recognizing the essential role Municipal Clerks play in local government. Among the duties of municipal clerks are taking minutes, preparing agendas, maintaining ordinance and resolution files, maintaining historical records of the municipality, processing permits and services, and acting as the center of information of the local government.

In our state, the Florida Association of City Clerks (FACC) will be holding different activities to raise awareness among the community about the job of a municipal clerk and the importance of this position and its services to the government and the community. The Florida Association of City Clerks (FACC) has more than 500 members that represent municipal clerks from cities, municipalities, villages, and special districts.

Go! Latinos Magazine interviewed Missy Arocha, Village Clerk of the Village of Palmetto Bay, who is the only Hispanic woman that holds this charter position in the South Dade communities.

Arocha who was born in Miami, Florida and whose parents are Cuban immigrants said that her job is very rewarding because it allows her to be the connection between the local government and the community of Palmetto Bay. “As a woman and as a Latina, I am honored to be able to serve the elected officials of Palmetto Bay. One of the main reasons why I love what I do is the fact that I can proudly serve the Village on a daily basis by answering questions regarding upcoming meetings, public documents, and adopted legislation and that is a feeling that continues to burn brightly.”

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