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Neymar Jr.’s Five U.S. Final to Showcase the Country’s Most Skilled Five-Man Soccer Teams in Unique Elimination Format

Neymar Jr.’s Five U.S. Final to Showcase the Country’s Most Skilled Five-Man Soccer Teams in Unique Elimination Format

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Following qualifying tournaments in 17 different U.S. cities, top teams will meet in Miami June 10 to determine who will play for the World Championship in Brazil this July
Miami, FL (May 30, 2017) – Neymar Jr.’s Five is now in its second year and features over 96,000 players from 53 countries, all of whom are vying for the World Championship. In the U.S. alone, 550 teams competed this spring to qualify for the upcoming U.S. Final in Miami, but only 18 teams remain following the regional qualifiers that took place all across the country in cities from Orlando to San Diego.

Known for his energetic pace and playmaking skills, Neymar Jr. has solidified his reputation as one of the best players on the globe. His tournament, Neymar Jr.’s Five, is designed to reward the skills that make Neymar Jr. such a special talent. The games are fast (10 min. long), and the pace even faster on surfaces that range from asphalt to turf. The field of play is tight – about 8 percent of the size of the average pitch – which emphasizes ball control and quick decision-making skills. The goals are smaller as well (1.5x .8m), making pinpoint finishing another key ingredient for success. Teams also need to weather adversity since a goal allowed means a player from that team heads to the bench in this unique elimination format.
“Neymar Jr’s Five not only showcases skill, dedication, teamwork and tactics, but it also brings out the best in the creative, imaginative and heart of the game,” said Competition Director Eddie Salcedo. “Everyone who’s qualified to travel to Miami has already made an incredible accomplishment but the players know there is still work to be done.”
The American teams range in styles from the more aggressive offensive teams to the defensive-minded squads that rely on the counterattack to score their goals. These varying styles will be on display all day Saturday, June 10 at Bayfront Park on the ‘Promenade’ where all 18 teams compete to advance and take on the world’s best in Neymar Jr.’s hometown of Praia Grande, Brazil where Neymar Jr. will be on hand to personally crown the 2017 World Champions July 7-8. The winning team will also go to Barcelona to watch a game, hang with Neymar, and meet his FC Barcelona teammates to cap an already unforgettable experience.
About Neymar Jr.’s Five
In its first year, Neymar Jr’s Five had over 65.000 players take part from 47 countries. In 2017, the tournament is bigger and better than ever. More than 50 countries, spread over 6 continents have hosted tournament qualifiers in a bid to have their National Finalists take home the trophy.
Neymar Jr’s Five is fun, fast and technical with the trophy going to the best five-man team in the world. The finals will take place in Praia Grande, outside of São Pablo July 7-8. 
For the latest about Neymar Jr’s Five, follow @NeymarJrsFive and join the conversation with #NeymarJrsFive.

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