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No Matter the Language Reading leads to Classroom success

No Matter the Language Reading leads to Classroom success

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“Set aside time every day to read together. Many children like to have stories read to them at bedtime. This is a great way to wind down after a busy day and get ready for sleep. American Academy of Pediatrics

Currently in Hispanic households in the United States (the highest percentage of these being in Miami), two things are happening: the first of these is that many parents and grandparents still do not have good command of the English language, and the second is that many children are neglecting to learn a second language, especially that of their mothers’ countries.

As a result, caretakers and parents are choosing not to read to their children, causing limitations in learning. Studies show that family is an important factor in literacy and that reading in both English and Spanish can lead to better reading habits and a better learning environment. This can raise a child’s reading ability while making sure they succeed in school.

According to the National Education Association, 26% of children who were read to from three to four times per week were able to recognize the alphabet compared to 14% of children who were not read to as often.

In response to this during 2011, a new national initiative called Read Conmigo was launched. Sponsored by Infinity Insurance, the tool serves to promote reading to children among parents and grandparents. Currently, the intended audience is changing and the tool is now frequently being used by English-speaking parents who understand the importance of learning a second language.

“Read Conmigo is one of the major investments that Infinity has made in the community to bridge the literacy gap in Hispanic households” says Bunny Uriarte, Mulitcultural Marketing Coordinator.

The program is used by more than 11,000 teachers and more than 100,000 families, which has led to the distribution of over a million books over a five-year period on a national level.

Through the program, parents with preschool to fifth-grade children can choose to receive three free books a year or choose to access them online as well as download them on mobile devices.

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The only requirement for subscription is an email address. You can subscribe at or call 305-619-8117.


Versión es Español: No importa el idioma, leer aumenta el éxito en el aula

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