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Olga Eby, a Successful Homestead Entrepreneur Who Serves the Community

Olga Eby, a Successful Homestead Entrepreneur Who Serves the Community

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Born in Venezuela, Olga, a businesswoman and entrepreneur who moved to Homestead 20 years ago, told us about her life, her business and her legacy.

It was 1998, and, at that time, Hugo Chávez was the most likely candidate to become the new president of Venezuela. Olga Eby, predicting the chaos that was coming with a socialist government in her country, took her children and emigrated to the United States, choosing Homestead as her new home.

Olga’s instinct, with which she foresaw what would happen to Venezuela, is the same that has allowed her to see business opportunities and create successful businesses. Today Olga owns three pawn shops—Homestead Trading Post, Homestead Coin & Pawn and Village Pawn Shop—as well as a real estate and rental company—Ted Olga Investment—and now plans to open the largest banquet hall in Homestead.

This entrepreneurial spirit is not only due to her having a degree in economics from her native Venezuela, which enabled her to acquire the knowledge to manage her business and get to know the market, but also because of her outgoing and curious personality, perhaps ambitious as well, which has allowed her to catch opportunities and to work tirelessly to achieve success.

“As a child, I lived in a lot of poverty, and I saw that other people could get ahead. I realized that those who made it were those who worked, those who did not stay comfortable. The secret was to work tirelessly. That inspired me,” says Olga. That same inspiration is what inspired her to get ahead in a new country and achieve what many call “the American dream.”

And Olga not only cares about her business, but she is also looking to help the Homestead community. “This city has given me the opportunity to develop my business, and the way to give back is by doing community service, by working, by providing my free time to help my city progress.”
For that reason, Olga is a member of the Board of Directors of the South Dade Chamber of Commerce and sits on the boards of Homestead YMCA, Homestead Main Street, and the Kiwanis Club of Homestead. “Just as I have time to make money, I must also have time to give back to the community,” Olga answers when asked why she is part of these organizations.

Her service to the community is not only meant to give advice to these non-profit organizations that benefit hundreds of people in South Florida but also to provide employment to the community. Today, more than 20 people work in her businesses. “I love to give the people opportunities, to support them, to leave them a message of hard work and to always give their best, because what you learn you take with you wherever you go.”

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In the short term, Olga plans to work on her new project, which is opening the largest banquet hall in Homestead. She plans to work tirelessly for two years, get the business running and providing revenue, and, after that, she plans to take time for herself.

The time she could not give to her husband Ted Eby, who died two years ago, she will give to working with the community. Also, she plans to write a book with her memories and experiences, and thus be able to help other people to grow and be inspired. In the meantime, she will continue to work hard, to be proud of never giving up, and to improve every day to keep growing as an entrepreneur and a person.

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