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‘Once Upon a Wish’: A magical and kind story about wishes and the value of kindness

‘Once Upon a Wish’: A magical and kind story about wishes and the value of kindness

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Last December, Venezuela-born-and-raised Corina Bethencourt and Isabela Morales, launched their first children’s book Once Upon a Wish, which is part of the Pixie Values Program that seeks to provide a positive social impact to transform our future generations.

As teachers, we have always believed in the real value stories and books give to a child’s learning experience,” said Corina and Isabela, the writers of the book Once Upon a Wish, while being interviewed by Go! Latinos Magazine.

Once upon a Wish is a story about wishes and kind values. “While in our creative process, we focused on different elements that make a child happy and concluded that both magic and wishes are perfect to introduce kindness in a beautiful way,” said Corina Bethencourt.  And what better way to explain kindness to a child than with a story based on wonderful characters and their funny adventures!

“Sometimes wishes are fulfilled in a way that no one expects and surprise you,” said Isabela Morales while assuring that, for instance, the best way to spread the value of kindness is by teaching children that many times wishes should not only be asked for oneself, but for others. This beautiful story is based on both Corina’s and Isabela’s experiences as mothers and educators, and it is illustrated by graphic artist Anna Simeone.

The book is their first material of the Pixies Values Program toolkit, Corina’s and Isabela’s project, educational model and framework to promote values to children by using different resources tailored for schools, teacher and parents. The program is complemented by a hands-on curriculum and an ABC Values flashcards.

These two entrepreneurs, completed their postgraduate degrees in education while at the same time built a solid career in the education field working with public schools, district and local government authorities. “We found our essence from an early age in teaching and it became our passion,” both agreed when reflecting on the reason for starting this interesting project.

The Pixie Values Program’s mission is to recover and develop the core values that are the base of any society, so that all communities can live in better conditions while teaching their children and all those who surround them the importance of becoming better human beings.

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“By focusing on socio-emotional development and learning values, we are teaching our children the ability to establish positive, healthy and strong relationships with those around them,” mentioned Isabela, while remarking that the Values Program’s intention is to build better communities around values, as these are fundamental aspects to become successful adults and contributing members of society.  If you want to know more about Isabela’s and Corina’s Values Program, follow them on Instagram:

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