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Parents: Motivate your children to read!

Parents: Motivate your children to read!

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We all know how important is for a child’s intellectual development to acquire the love of reading. That is why, given the fact that we know children imitate their parents’ behavior, if parents are used to reading, then the youngsters will have the curiosity to read a book. A great way to start children interested in reading is through children’s stories.

Now there’s an infinity of children stories, some have stickers, some are coloring books, or there are pop-out books and there are books for every age. It is important that the child chooses the book he or she would like to read so there is an interest in reading it. Avoid doing it against their will because this way the activity could produce the opposite effect.

For Jessica Muñoz, Spanish teacher in Miami Arts Charter School in the city of Homestead; by starting in before children learn how to read makes reading an adventure. Through books children can be transported to wonderful places. Children learn by example and because this is true, it is of vital importance that we as parents always teach our children good habits by reading to then before they go to bed even if they are very young, states the educator.

When they are in school students are asked to read at least 30 minutes in their house as homework, this maintains a routine and habit for which they will benefit by increasing their vocabulary, knowledge and entertainment. Now a days children have available different kinds of technology that gives them tools and possibilities to access great books. Do not allow your child to grow without loving a book … there they will experience dreams and desires, concluded the teacher.

The great difficulty when it comes to motivate a child to read resides in the lack of knowledge by many parents on how to place your child on this road. You can promote in a child the interest in reading in a simple, spontaneous and lasting way. If your child begins to have access to books from a young age, even before he or she learns how to read, that will be better.

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According to the research, if children are used to be around books, they will be better prepared to be successful in their schooling. The act of reading or simply look through a book will stimulate the intelligence, the imagination and creativity in children.

Start today! Create the daily habit that is very valuable and transform your house into a fun library. Motivate your children to read!

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