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Simple Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

Simple Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

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Traditionally a day of breakfast in bed, lasagna dinners and gifts of ties and socks, this June 18 why not do something a little more creative that gifts to celebrate your dad on Father’s Day.
Here are simple ways you can make this Father’s Day special for your dad, without buying gifts.

Take Him Outside
Think of a fun activity that your dad likes and plan a day around it.
A day outdoors is always well spent, so if your dad likes nature, take him hiking, biking or fishing.
Pack a picnic so after your activity you can eat together outside. You could even find a picnic area with a fire pit so you can have a campfire and roast hot dogs or marshmallows as a wonderful finish to your day outdoors.

Have Fun in the City
If your dad is more of a city guy, plan a day complete with city activities. Perhaps he likes museums or live music, so take him to that museum or exhibit he’s always been meaning to visit, and out for dinner afterward. Browse your local events for evening music events as there are usually a lot of local events during Fathers’ Day, including brunch specials and discounted tickets.
If your dad prefers vehicles and speed why not take him go-karting? Find a local go-kart track and spend the day zipping around. You can usually get in for less than $20 per race.

Take Away the Pressure
Your dad is likely always doing something! Whether he’s fixing things, cooking for the family, or working, chances are he’s on the go more than you know. So offering to do those ‘must do’ tasks for him means he can focus on what he wants to do for the day.  It’s a simple way to fee him from a day of chores and let him put his feet up.

Give Him Alone Time
Whether it’s watching sports on TV, going for a run, reading or taking a nap, give your dad some valuable alone time. He works hard, and some time to himself will probably be much appreciated.

Treat your dad with homemade pizza for Father’s Day. Customize the pizza to your dad’s favourite type, and enjoy spending time at home together. After, you can relax and watch movies, or maybe even some home movies.

Spend time together
No matter what activity you choose, the one thing he will likely appreciate most is spending time with his family and loved ones. It’s the one thing you can give him that doesn’t cost a thing, yet it means the world.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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