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Some Event Branding Elements

Some Event Branding Elements

When you are branding an event, you need to focus on everything that encompasses your brand. Everything from your branded building wraps to social media profiles to your website and your email marketing campaigns must be working in synergy to communicate your branding.

1. Event Website

You need to have a high-quality virtual event website built for your event. The event’s website needs to be a complete extension of your brand. It’s not something that should be a separate entity. While it’s likely to be a microsite, you need to have it work synergistically with all of your other organizational branding elements. Thus, you need to adhere to the design and branding principles used in your organization’s branding scheme.

– Logo

The logo for your organization is easily the most important thing that needs to remain the same on your event’s site. You need a logo that is used to be high-quality. It needs to be easily recognizable. You want someone to know exactly who is hosting the event right when they see it. You also don’t want to have a low-resolution logo as the first thing a prospective attendee sees. While it doesn’t have to be the largest or most significant design element on the page, it does need to be front and center. Having a logo on the header or towards the top of the page is a good way to ensure that it’s well-placed and that everyone can see it. If you have a specific logo for your event, try to include your organization’s logo alongside it.

– Color Scheme

Ideally, you want the event’s color scheme to match your company’s color scheme. This is the best way to keep everything synergistic. You want your company’s brand colors to match up. It’s not a good idea to deviate from it. After all, you want everyone to recognize who is hosting the event. Try to keep your colors in line with your company’s design elements. You want it to be easily recognizable because it can help you achieve better brand consistency throughout.

– Font

Believe it or not, the font you choose is another important design element that you want to maintain consistency with. The font of your new event website needs to closely align with the font used by your company’s website. After all, any prospective attendee is going to be used to visiting your company’s website. As a result, you want to ensure that you maintain consistency with what they are familiar with. You don’t want them to wonder if you are the same organization because you wanted to get creative with fonts.

– Keep It Simple

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Try to avoid overcomplicating things. Your layout should be easy to follow. You want it to flow well. You want to have a simple and easy-to-navigate layout that is not going to overwhelm your prospective attendees. You want them to use the event site to find what they are looking for. The main information presented on the page should be what you want to display more than anything.

– Imagery

If you are going to be including images on your site, they need to be high-quality. You want to ensure that the images look good on every screen including smaller mobile devices. The overall quality of your event’s site is going to reflect on the quality of your organization as a whole. Thus, you want to ensure that you are using high-quality images throughout.

– Tone

You need to think about who you are attracting to the event. You want to think about your ideal target audience. Who is the ideal attendee? Try to keep your tone aligned with your goals. You want to ensure that you are using the right tone when you are talking about the event. Is the event professional? If so, stick to copy that sounds professional. You don’t want a casual tone if you are hosting a professional event.

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