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The Light of The World Church expects 100,000 attendees at its Holy Supper Celebration in Southern California

The Light of The World Church expects 100,000 attendees at its Holy Supper Celebration in Southern California

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Yesterday, The Light of the World Church held a press conference at the Hilton Checkers Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, previewing the upcoming Holy Supper Celebration being held at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California.

Pastor Jack Freeman, Co-director of the Ministry of Public Relations for the church, stated they expect 100,000 attendees during the five-day celebration. Delegates from all 50 states, Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as the general public will convene at the Glen Helen Amphitheater from February 10th to February 14th.

In past years, this celebration has been held in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico with an attendance of half a million parishioners. This year marks a historic event for the church, as it is the first celebration in the United States. For the realization and security of this massive event, the church will have the support of the city of San Bernardino, as well as San Bernardino County, and the California Highway Patrol.

The Light of the World Church projects an economic influx of $112 million to be generated by the delegates’ pilgrimage to the celebration and during their five-day stay. An economic influx that takes into account transportation expenses, food, lodging, recreational activities, and other miscellaneous needs.

The Light of the World’s Holy Supper Celebration will commence at 10:00 a.m. on February 10th, 2018 with its Welcoming Ceremony. The five-day event will consist of religious services extending thru February 14th, when the International Director, Apostle Naason Joaquin García, will consecrate the bread and wine to commemorate the church’s most sacred ceremony, the Holy Supper. Lastly, the event will culminate with a Farewell Ceremony of the delegates, that same day at 6pm.

2018 Holy Supper Celebration Facts:
In order to guarantee a successful event, the church has enlisted the help of more than 1,200 personnel to accommodate the expected 100,000 attendees. Of those:
180 Event security personnel
220 Event ushers
800 Members participating in Health, Public Relations and other commissions
120 Church ministers participate in making the bread and wine
350 Church Deacons and Pastors will distribute the bread and wine to members

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