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The secret of rocking the first day of school!

The secret of rocking the first day of school!

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10 things to do before school starts

Preparing for the best back-to-school time requires planning ahead; if not planned, the time can become a very difficult transition. For children to feel calm, optimistic and confident when beginning a new school year, parents need to be supportive and reassuring. By following the tips below, you will help your child rock the first week of school.

Pixie Back-to-School Tips:

1. Routine, routine, routine: Start a daily routine 3-5 days before the first day of school. Focus on starting a bedtime schedule in advance. Read every night for 10-20 minutes and try reading books about starting school.

2. Meet & Greet: Visit the school with your child and meet the teachers and principal. Have your kids familiarize themselves with the main office, nurse office, drop-off area, hallways, classrooms and other areas they will be frequenting.

3. Information is Key: It’s always a great idea to write an email to both principal and teacher to introduce yourself and provide your child’s educational background. Write about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their personality and academic needs.

4. Buddy-System: Find a buddy from your child’s class and make a play date before the first day of school. They will feel more comfortable and this will make the transition easier.

5. Shopping List: Create a shopping list, but first check school website for dress code and supplies needed. Do your shopping during back to school sales tax week from August 4-6, 2017. Enjoy school shopping and involve your child in the process.

6. Vaccinations Check: Do not wait until the last minute; visit and check which vaccination requirements your child needs online. Call the pediatrician to schedule a visit. If you need insurance for your child, you can visit

7. Working Space: Create a homework corner with fun supplies and exciting books that will motivate your child. In this space, have a responsibilities chart for your kid to refer to every day. Remember to set goals for this new school year.

8. Safety First: prepare your kids to be safe by explaining to them the traffic and crossing guidelines. If your child will be walking or biking to school, take a few days before to practice the travel time and go over the traffic rules. Practice with your children to relay their full name and telephone number in case of an emergency.

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9. Communication: Talk to your children. Point out the positive aspects of starting school. Talk about their feelings of excitement, first-day jitters, anxiety, or frustrations. It is important to encourage your children to be honest and address any negative feelings they may have about starting a new school year.

10. Picture Perfect: The first day of school is always a rush, but don’t forget to capture that special moment on camera. Have a picture idea ready to snap as you head out! On the last day of school, you can take the same picture and you can compare both at the end of the school year.

A little preparation will get you ahead in your child’s transition back to school. Most importantly, remember to believe in your child’s capacity to have a successful school year.

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