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Turkey Point project adding millions to south Miami-Dade economy

Turkey Point project adding millions to south Miami-Dade economy

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Florida Power and Light (FPL) announced this week that it began a refueling and maintenance outage on Unit 3, one of two nuclear power plants at the Turkey Point power plant. Turkey Point is located two miles east of Homestead and provides 100 percent carbon-free electricity to millions of Floridians.

As part of this project, 1,000 extra workers temporarily relocated to South Miami-Dade to work at the plant for approximately one month. As a result, the local community will receive a $4.3 million economic boost over the next several weeks as those extra workers stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants and spend their dollars on day-to-day living expenses.
“This is one of many ways Turkey Point supports the local community,” said FPL spokesperson Bianca Cruz. “We not only provide clean, reliable energy that helps keep bills low, but we also are always pleased to be part of our area’s thriving business community.”
Turkey Point typically employs up to 1,500 additional workers during refueling outages. Workers come mostly from outside the area due to the specialized skills required. Moreover, Turkey Point employs approximately 700 full-time workers and have an average annual payroll of more than $100 million per plant during a non-refueling outage year.
One of the major aspects of this current project is the replacement of a turbine used to generate electricity with more efficient components, will result in enough additional power generation to meet the needs on 13,000 more customers. Turkey Point already powers nearly 1 million FPL customers – about 50 percent of Miami-Dade County’s population on the hottest summer day.

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