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Virtual School vs. School House Model – Tips for Parents

Virtual School vs. School House Model – Tips for Parents

Remember that the decision of virtual or schoolhouse model will depend on the circumstances and needs of every child and her or his family. Don’t feel guilty!

Many parents have been faced with choosing either a virtual school model or a schoolhouse model to begin this school year. Whichever route you take, you must remember the importance of giving your children love, patience and support in this transition period.

Pay close attention to how they are feeling and structure a school routine that not only works for your child but also works for you and your family. This first month take it easy! Be flexible! Begin to question what alternatives you have as a parent. You are probably about to decide or have already decided the route you will take. Here we will share some tips for each scenario.

Virtual Option
If your children begin virtual classes, we recommend that you first set up a workspace for them at home. This space must help them feel motivated, so decorate it together and make them part of the process. Just like you would decorate their room, build this workspace together! We also suggest you look for support groups, better known as “learning pods,” which are small groups of students that take their online classes together. This helps them share ideas and experiences while completing their virtual classwork.

The greatest loss of this virtual option is the lack of social interaction! However, you can organize playgroups in which a group of parents decide to rotate houses and host gatherings for children to play and socialize. In this type of interaction, there are valuable lessons that we must recuperate; place a big focus on that. Lastly, try to find activities during which your child can exercise, preferable outdoors. Keep a conscious mind on the use of technology at home but try to replace screen time with outdoor play or games that will foster your child’s creativity, such as coloring, painting, memory games or free play.

School House Model
Don’t feel guilty if you need to enroll your children in a school physically, known as the schoolhouse model. Every family has its own situation and every child is unique. Remember children are resilient, and they will adapt to school safety rules such as the use of masks and social distancing.

If you have already selected this path, we recommend you have a plan B, to ensure that your family routine isn’t disrupted because most likely the school will have a COVID case and will have to close. Having a plan B might include having a family member take care of your kids or a tutor come to your house, you could also arrange for playgroups if school closes. Having a plan B will also make the changes less difficult for your children and give them a sense of routine in case their school closes.

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Regardless of which scenario you are facing (virtual or schoolhouse model), remember the most important thing is to show your children security and give them support and love through this whole process. If you have a change in routine or are obligated to change their school form, they will adapt! Because children adapt to changes, but only if their home and family are their safety net and not a place that makes them anxious and stressed. So, think positive and be prepared to offer your children the support they need!

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