Visit the Historic Redland Tropical Trail ‘Miami’s Countryside’

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Yes, Miami’s countryside does exist in an area near Homestead called the Redlands. Get to know a historic agritourism trail, perfect for a summer cool-down and escape from the city noise.

If you want to take a tour through some of the most historic and awesomely unique parts of South Florida, then there is a perfect historic trail for you. Redland Tropical Trail, sometimes merely referred to as “Redlands,” is a membership organization of tourist-oriented business sites generally covering an area located between the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park south of Miami, Florida.

The Tropical Everglades Visitor Association has partnered with the Historic Redland Tropical Trail to promote the historic agriculture area of the Redlands.  Not only will you get to explore the “Miami countryside” but also you will come across two national parks, which will blow you away.

“In 2006, The Historic Redland Tropical Trail was formed with the goal of increasing tourism in South Dade.   No doubt based on area population growth and the traditional tourism flow from Miami to the Keys that the Redland should offer a great family experience for the tourists.  To the residents, the Redland Trail offers an easy-to-use path to explore and remember what is in their own backyard, “ said Brian Conesa, Executive Director of the Tropical Everglades Visitor Association.

The historic Redlands offers the perfect self-guided tour for foodies, farmers, history enthusiasts and more while on vacation. It is an area filled with beauty, tropical climate and tempting food.

In fact, harvesting exotic food by local farmers was the starting point of the trail.  The vast farms began producing delicious tropical fruit like kiwis, lychees, key limes, avocados, mangos and many more. As the farms flourished and grew, the growers and producers got together to market their area via a self-guided trail they called The Redland Tropical Trail.

You can delight yourself with the fruits and vegetables of both standard and exotic varieties at Robert Here Fruit Stand, or dine out at Capri Restaurant, opened in 1958, which specializes in pizzas and pasta, plus steaks, pork, veal and seafood. Also, the trail rewards beer and wine lovers at Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery, which bills itself as the “Southernmost Winery and Brewery in the United States.”

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However, the Historic Redland Tropical Trail is not only about food. You’ll also get to visit a enchanting orchid garden, RF Orchids in Homestead, and orderly displays of bonsai trees at Miami Tropical Bonsai. You’ll also encounter several bizarre South Florida attractions, from the Coral Castle Museum to Everglades Alligator Farm to Monkey Jungle.

“This Redland Trail was also designed to bring agritourism to the forefront with great existing tourist locations and to showcase the possibility for farmers to a make a living with wineries and even bed-and-breakfast establishments.  This trail continues to grow and has been very successful in showcasing the variety of family experiences available in the Redlands,” added Mr. Conesa.

The Redland Trail is entirely free to take, while some of the activities may cost money. You can follow the trail with a map on your own (available on, but call in for pricing information for certain attractions at (305) 245-9180.

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