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Why Personal Training?

Why Personal Training?

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Each year on January 1, many people resolve to lose weight and get healthy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 70 percent of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, including 35 percent who are considered obese.

After the holiday season, when social schedules ramp up and diets might be ignored, it’s no surprise that many people are ready to start new fitness regimens.

While it’s easy to push oneself into the toughest and most intense workouts in order to super-charge weight loss or fitness gains, this could be a mistake that raises the average person’s risk of injury. Instead, people should work with a personal trainer who can guide their workouts.

Personal trainers are fitness professionals who are trained to teach others how to exercise. These people are educated in correct posture and technique so that they can instruct how to do exercises correctly and efficiently. Furthermore, personal trainers can help people reach their fitness goals with an understanding of how to exercise safely with various chronic conditions or injuries.

There are many other reasons to work with a personal trainer.
• Motivation: Personal trainers can offer encouragement to get a person started and continue with a workout routine. Furthermore, knowing someone is there to hold them accountable can ensure the client is consistent in showing up to do the work necessary.
• Define fitness goals: Personal trainers can help people focus on goals that are specific and realistic to achieve measurable success.
• Showcase proper form: Understanding how to do exercises properly reduces the risk of injury and increases the efficacy of workouts.
• Offer variety: Sometimes workouts can become boring, and people become complacent. Personal trainers may alter routines to keep clients interested.
• Make time work: Experienced personal trainers will know how to maximize the time clients have.

This can be advantageous for people who have limited time to exercise. Personal trainers can help fitness fans achieve maximum results, exercise properly and form good habits.

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