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Be Jolly and Bright This Holiday Season with Florida Power & Light Company’s Energy-Saving Tips

Be Jolly and Bright This Holiday Season with Florida Power & Light Company’s Energy-Saving Tips

The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner. The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, with many Floridians decorating their homes with lights and festive décor and preparing to host fun gatherings.
While sprucing up the home for the holidays and welcoming family and friends back into our homes is cause for happiness, the holidays are a time when customers may use more energy than usual. To keep things merry and bright, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is offering 10 easy, safe and affordable ways to save money on your home’s energy bill.
Try implementing the energy saving tips below and read on about how you can use FPL’s Energy Manager to stay on top of your energy use.

Keep lights/décor bright and energy use low
Set it and forget it by using an automatic timer to control when your lights and cheerful inflatables turn on and off. The fewer the hours, the less energy you use.
Brainstorm alternative options to electrical decorations such as making your own wreaths, ribbons or ornaments – all festive decorations that require no energy.
Consider using smart power strips to avoid your holiday décor from drawing phantom energy, meaning the device appears off but is still drawing power while plugged in.

Cook an energy-efficient holiday feast
If you use a conventional oven, try to bake several dishes at the same time and use ceramic or glass kitchenware as it allows you to lower your oven by 25 degrees with the same cooking time – keeping your kitchen and home cool.
When possible, use small cooking appliances in your kitchen such as the toaster oven, which saves up to 70% on energy use.
Spend more time with family and less on washing dishes by skipping pre-rinse and running your dishwasher once it’s full to avoid wasting up to 20 gallons of water per day.

Enjoy dips in temperatures
Each degree you raise your thermostat can save about 2-5% on cooling costs. If you need to heat your home, set your thermostat to 68 degrees and keep your fan set on “auto” to save energy.
Use the sun to heat your home by keeping your south-facing windows clean and open those curtains during the day and close all curtains at night.
Maintain proper airflow by keeping interior doors and vents open to help air circulate without obstruction.
Work with an FPL Participating Independent Contractor (PIC) who is qualified to help you prevent outdoor weather conditions from affecting your indoor air quality and comfort through proper ceiling insulation.

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Sit back, relax and be in control of your energy use
To find even more ways to save, check out the FPL Energy Manager, an all-in-one tool that shows you the when, where and how of your home’s energy use. The free tool is available 24/7 and helps customers to take control of their energy use by providing real-time insight. Read more about how the Energy Manager can help you take control of your energy bill and more holiday tips at

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